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Dallas has more than 20 years of IT experience working in the financial and government industries. He is also a US Navy veteran. Dallas developed and taught a coding curriculum specifically designed to introduce children at private and charter schools to coding. Dallas has worked as a DevOps security engineer and a systems engineer. He is an open-source advocate with a passion for automation and all things Ansible or Python. Dallas can help you gain a better understanding of Kubernetes, OpenShift, automation, and DevOps. Ask Dallas more about Kubernetes, OpenShift, automation, and DevOps.

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'Why You Should Use Linux Instead Of Xyz'

Jun 3, 2022I asked a friend of mine, James, from the "Zen Den" discord server to help me with some writing topics I could work on writing. One of them was "Why you should use Linux instead of XYZ." Anyone who thinks like a programmer believes that this is an e...

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